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High quality log and wooden houses are delivered to the North Atlantic

STARK and Scanwo are working in close partnership on Greenland. Our partnership follows START’s motto – “Sammen bygger vi professionelt” (Together we built professionally).

Our partnership with STARK ensures that Scanwo is represented in STARK’s Timber-yards in Nuuk, Qaqortoq, Sisimiut, Aasiaat og Ilulissat. In all those cities our customers can obtain information about or log houses, and you also get instructions and good advice there about building with us on Greenland.

Scanwo is a business with many years of experience in producing and building log houses and wooden houses under all climatic environments. In recent years we have built many of such houses on Greenland. In beautiful Qaqortoq of Southern Greenland there are today about 20 log houses built by Scanwo, with additional constructions under way. In Sisimiut several houses and 8 shared home-ownership arrangements have been delivered and built.

In Nuuk we have supplied several one-family houses and have also built Dyrenes Hus, erected by ‘Dyrenes Venner’. Before the house was functioning as a veterinarian clinic and animal shelter.

At Scanwo we combine the attributes of high quality wood and professional craftsmanship. This way you can built a house with Scanwo that entirely meets your demands for both sustainable housing, quality and economic viability. We gladly design and furnish without additional costs on your behalf.

Scanwo dk a/s

Skomagervej 13 A, Vinding
7100 Vejle

Telefon: +45 76 90 70 00
CVR nr. 33857527​