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With a one-story house you will come in closer contact with nature. All rooms and facilities within the house in is plane and will feel connected with the surrounding nature.


For a one-story house the options are many, whereby it’s only your imagination that will limit the choices for form and interior design.

The house roofing of the house can be designed as either sloped or horizontal, the latter opening of for natural sunlight to shine in through one or several grouped Velux roof-windows. Additionally, with sloped roofing the rooms can be designed lofts for sleeping arrangements, which frees up floor space.


With a one-story design for your house, you will have endless options over the years to further build and expand as your preferences change. One-story houses have all rooms in the same level, and as you get older and your legs start to demand less demanding activities, you will avoid dealing with stairs as they impair movement.

The properties of the wood brings with it a natural insulation. This means that the energy cost for healing will be less than in traditional brick houses. All our offers on wood houses comes with energy-effecient windows.

Our one-story houses can be designed after your individual wishes and dreams. We will help you design exactly that house your dream of in terms of form and interior design, and this will ensure that your house will feel both functional and architecturally pleasing.


Learn more below about the one-story houses we have built. If you would like to hear more about our one-story houses, and the options you will have for building your dream house, then we will stand ready to help you.

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