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Special houses designed from your wishes

At Scanwo we design, build and furnish special houses for homeowners that seeks a little extra from the modern house. At Scanwo we have among other advanced features specialized ourselves in wooden og log houses, where you as the customer can have all your individual wishes met for the house you dream about.

Individual solutions for your special house

A house is supposed to be the family’s home with safe and pleasant conditions, where the conditions are designed around the family’s needs.

As no family is identical to another, no house should be either. Maybe you dream of a house with a loft for the children, or a summer log-house with a grand American porch to enjoy the evening sun at, or a beautiful and architectural wooden house with an open floor-space arrangement inside.

No matter what a family may need from a house, needs and wishes, we can assist you in attaining those through our special-houses.

Contact us for further information

Through many years we at Scanwo have built individual and unique both log and wooden houses. We will guide and advice you as our customer through the whole process, whereby we secure, that all your needs for your dream house are achieved in the very best way.

All of our special built houses are built with the best quality wood as with our other log and wooden houses, which helps to achieve a rustic and beautiful exterior look to your house, where the quality shines through both inside and outside.​ Our professional team upholds the old traditions of craftsmen and blends them with the newest technology and beautiful danish designs.

Contact us on phone 76 90 70 00, if you wish to hear more about our special houses. Call us already today, so you can hear more about fulfilling your dreams for a house in the best way in accordance with your needs and economic situation. Our offers for you are noncommittal.