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Log houses are offeren in beautiful design

Live in one with nature

The dream of living in a beautiful log house can for many be found in the wish of living in a deeper connection with nature.

Beautiful Nordic log houses are not only more friendly towards the environment through reduced energy consumption than normal brick houses. Log house construction also represents a 1000 year old tradition of building with fantastic advantages.

At Scanwo we are leading in the market for log housing. For many years we have helped the Danish people build exactly the log houses they have dreamed of.

More advantages with a log house

With a log house you will in addition to the beautiful outer appearances also gain a more energy-friendly house, which helps to reduce the costs of indoor heating. The qualities of the wood gives the log house a natural insulation, whereby less energy is used for heating, and a more healthy living climate is gained.

Typically a house constructed with wood will also give 10 m² more floor areal than traditional house construction, as less space is used for insulation,

Strong quality wood from Lapland

At Scanwo we construct houses in the highest quality. This requires that we only use the highest quality wood on the market.

Our houses are built by high-quality wood from southern Lapland. This sort of tree is a slow-growing type, and only are the trees are 80-100 years old are they used.

This type of tree makes our log houses more resilient towards humidity and fungi, which helps to ensure the high quality of housing, just like the beautiful wood gives the house a natural and exquisite look.

Quality log houses from inside to outside

With us as your partner you will be able to get the house exactly the way you want it. We offer both Do-It-Yourself, Partial-Built and Finished options. Your choice depends on the degree to which you wish to be a part of the building process. Our many years of experience in the industry guarantees that you will be working with the best qualified professionals in the field.

We build our log houses in a modern Danish design based on the newest technology that safeguards the old and honored traditions of craftsmen.

Contact us on telephone +45 76 90 70 00 or e-mail to hear more about our log houses.