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Year-round wooden houses and vacation houses are offered

We supply durable and high-quality woodwork

Do you dream of a beautiful wooden house design with every detail considered, where the modern design is integrated with the old traditions of professional craftsmanship? Then you are in the right place.

At Scanwo we supply both year and vacation houses in high-quality wood with beautiful and harmonic designs. Our houses can be built as traditional wooden houses or as log houses. No matter what type best fits your dreams, we will ensure that you will have a beautiful and sustainable house made from high-quality wood.

Our wooden houses can be built in either black or white designs, but naturally other colors are also available if your wishes so desire. The wooden boards made from heartwood and which we erect the houses with, comes exclusively from sustainable forestry suppliers, where the environmental impact is of core concern.


Many years of experience

We have many years of experience in the construction of both leisure and year-round wooden houses.

With our great expertise in the area, we make sure that the wooden house meets your needs and requirements for both interior design and aesthetic expression. We listen to your wishes, just as we naturally also come with good ideas and input, and together we find the right solution, whether you are looking for a holiday home or a year-round tree house.

Gain more information about our wooden houses

You are welcome to contact us, if you wish to hear more about our year houses made in wood. We will give you a non-committing offer on delivery and construction.

You can call us on phone 76 90 70 00 or e-mail us at

Here below you can see a selection of our wooden house designs.